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Why buy from The Button Box?

We guarantee our instruments and provide in-house warranty service.

We stand behind what we sell: new instruments come with a one-year warranty and used instruments come with a six-month warranty. Our warranty is direct from our store itself, not from the factory, so our warranty service is prompt.

All instruments are tuned, serviced, and checked over before shipment.

We are a full-service repair shop, and we fix any problems we find in an instrument. We completely check over even our beginner-level instruments. New instruments need a thorough check to make sure they are working as intended and their tuning matches their specifications. All of our used and vintage instruments have been inspected, repaired, and tuned by our technicians and are guaranteed to be in good playing condition. For more information see our warranty and returns policy.

We know concertinas and accordions.

The Button Box is one of the only shops that specializes in accordions and concertinas, and we boast over 35 years of experience selling and repairing these instruments. We have a wealth of knowledge and resources to share to help you find the instrument you want.