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Our instrument inventory changes too often for us to list every new instrument here. If you're looking to find our new instruments, please check the current inventory of concertinas, button accordions, and piano and chromatic accordions.

New Instrument Models

Concertina Connection Troubadour

36-key Hayden duet system (see note chart), ebonized wooden ends, Delrin buttons and riveted brass action. Accordion-style reeds. 6-fold leather bellows. Comes with a zippered bag. New


Used Instruments

Saltarelle Inferno

Key of D/G. Stepped keyboard with 21 treble and 8 bass buttons. 3 sets of treble reeds (LMM), with dry tuning (see note chart). 1 treble stop to add/remove the low octave reed set and 1 bass stop to add/remove the thirds from chords. Solid wood body with red sunburst finish. With soft case and straps. Used


Cases and Other Accessories

Pelican™ Storm Case™

Super rugged cases from Pelican, made right here in western Massachusetts. Protect your concertina from any eventuality—these cases are waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof. Closes securely with two press-and-pull latches. Interior dimensions are 9.5" × 7.5" × 7.3", the perfect size for concertinas that are 6.25" or smaller across the face. Bottom of the case features foam padding. Corner blocks are suede-lined and custom-fitted to your instrument.

When ordering please include the following measurements: (1) the length between two opposite points of one face, (2) the length between two flat sides of the face, and (3) the distance between the two faces of the concertina with bellows closed (see diagram).


New CDs

Úrnua - Hession, Coughlan, and Cunningham

Carl Hession (piano and arrangements), Eimear Coughlan (fiddle and harp), and Francis Cunningham (concertina). Guest Musicians: Bogden Sofei (violin), Jim Higgins (percussion), Sharon Howley (cello). Concertina

Flock and Fly

Rob Harbron & Emma Reid - Flock & Fly

Rob Harbron and Emma Reid are renowned instrumentalists and compelling performers. Their duo performances combine their individual characters and influences with their shared roots in English traditional music, and also incorporate other styles and traditions including Emma's expertise in the music of her motherland, Sweden. Their performances together are fresh, spontaneous and engaging. English Concertina


Rob Harbron - Meanders

Rob Harbron's debut solo CD, recorded in January 2019 and launched at Sidmouth Folk Festival. English Concertina

Unaccustomed As We Are

Matt Quinn & Owen Woods - Unaccustomed As We Are

An album of traditional and contemporary folk tunes played on duet concertina and melodeon. Button Accordion, Duet Concertina


New Books

The Anglo Concertina Music of John Kirkpatrick - Gary Coover

"England’s John Kirkpatrick is without a doubt the most influential harmonic-style Anglo concertina player of the last several decades.

From the beginning of the Folk Revival in the late 1960’s up until the present day, his rambunctious and boisterous playing, as well as his delicate and thoughtful song accompaniments have been featured on hundreds of recordings.

Here are over 70 tunes and songs as played by John, all carefully transcribed in the original keys to be playable on a 30-button C/G Anglo concertina.

In addition to a wealth of traditional tunes and songs, many of John’s original compositions are included as well as his three-part series “How to Play the Anglo” first printed in 1972." -- Rollston Press 144 pages.


Jazz Standards for Accordion - Arranged by Gary Meisner

17 jazz standards expertly arranged for accordion, including: Alice in Wonderland • Autumn Leaves • Embraceable You • Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) • Georgia on My Mind • Honeysuckle Rose • My Foolish Heart • The Nearness of You • Satin Doll • Someone to Watch over Me • Song for My Father • When I Fall in Love • and more. 56 pages.


The Jeffries Duet Concertina Tutor - Gary Coover

"The Jeffries Duet is an exceedingly rare type of concertina, with a keyboard many find to be “logic-defying” and “indecipherable”. But no more! This tutor will show you how to make sense of your Jeffries Duet and quickly be able to play a wonderful variety of tunes with full accompaniments. Invented in the late 1890’s by English concertina maker Charles Jeffries, the Jeffries Duet is the ideal “portable pub piano” for playing and accompanying folk, classical, music hall, Gilded-Age, Tin Pan Alley, church hymns and old popular songs from days gone by. This tutor includes over 60 tunes along with a unique tablature system showing both standard music notation along with note pitches in abc notation. Every tune also has a Button Map showing exactly which buttons are needed to play that particular tune. Plus, many tunes include QR code links to videos so you can see and hear how they are played." -- Rollston Press 198 pages.


Summer Symphony - Alan Lochhead

"Patriotic marches, stirring melodies, light classics, delightful ragtime melodies – all regular features of summer concerts in town bandstands across the US and UK a hundred years ago.“The Stars and Stripes Forever”, “The Maple Leaf Rag”, “Under the Double Eagle”, “The Liberty Bell March” and nine more are all here, arranged for the 30-button C/G Anglo concertina. Originally published as All-American Concertina Album by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. in 2008, Alan Lochhead’s masterful arrangements of concert music for Anglo concertina are presented here in their entirety with the addition of an easy button numbering and bellows direction tablature system to make these difficult arrangements much more accessible. Especially for this edition, Alan has added an accompaniment to “Georgia Camp Meeting” plus brand new – “Dill Pickles”.These are not easy arrangements, but once you master them you will be able to single-handedly stage your very own summer symphony bandstand concert!" -- Rollston Press 76 pages.


Foraged Music - The John Spiers Traditional Tune Book

"A new collection of 94 traditional tunes including all the ones I have played and recorded throughout my career along with lots of others which I love. Suitable for any melody instrument with chord suggestions given for every tune and where the material is in a more unusual key a transposition is given in a more folk-friendly key along with the original." -- John Spiers 60 pages.