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Our instrument inventory changes too often for us to list every new instrument here. If you're looking to find our new instruments, please check the current inventory of concertinas, button accordions, and piano and chromatic accordions.

New Instrument Models

Saltarelle Aether II

A compact, light 2-voice model. Flat keyboard with 21 treble and 8 bass buttons. 2 sets of handmade reeds with dry or swing tuning. 1 bass stop to remove thirds. Available in natural finish cherry and green. With case and straps.

$2,495 Currently on hold. C#/D, dry tuning

Serenellini Sellí

21 treble keys, with 2 reeds per note. 8 basses. TAM on treble, super durall reeds on bass. Stepped keyboard. Stop for treble and bass sides. Natural finish cherry, or matte black, red, or dark blue. 6.8 pounds. With case and straps. Video.

$2,650 Current stock is natural finish cherry with gold buttons in the key of D/G with swing tuning and tonic on 4th button of each row.
Concertina Connection Minstrel anglo

Concertina Connection Minstrel

The newest addition to the Concertina Connection line of anglo concertinas. 30-key C/G with Wheatstone note layout, ebonized wooden ends, Delrin buttons and riveted brass action. Accordion-style reeds. 6-fold leather bellows. Comes with a zippered bag. Video.


Cases and Other Accessories

Neotech Pad-It straps

Pad-It Straps

A simple yet elegant strap that is sure to be a hit! The shoulder pads are made with an anti-microbial memory foam that conforms to the shoulders for a comfortable fit that makes even heavy instruments a breeze to wear. The pads also help to wick moisture away for additional comfort. The straps connect to the instrument with their unique loop connection system for added security. Length is adjustable from 33" to 51".


Button Box Green & Gold Logo T-Shirts

Our logo with sparkle! 100% cotton, deep forest green and lettering in metallic gold with silver shadows.

Sizes S - XL
Select size: $14.00

Button Box Logo T-Shirts

Our logo - plain and simple! 100% cotton, black with white ink. These sizes run small.

Sizes S - XL
Select size: $14.00

New CDs

Eloise & Co. - More, Please!

The beautiful debut recording from Becky’s new duo with accordionist Rachel Bell. Combining the wild energy of original dance tunes with the elegance of traditional French music through tightly woven arrangements. The album is topped off with a couple of thoroughly charming vocal pieces. With very special guest Andrew Van Norstrand on guitar. Piano Accordion


Sabin Jacques & Rachel Aucoin - Grande Rencontres

Quebecois trad energy meets classical artistry piano: Duo Sabin & Rachel interpret 13 of the finest works composed by Philippe Bruneau (1934-2011). Button Accordion


Josephine Marsh - Music in the Frame

"Features eleven of Josephine's own compositions as well as music sourced from the traditional canon. Joining her on the CD are guest musicians: Mick Kinsella (harmonica), Seamus Cahill (guitar), Pat Marsh (bouzouki), Angelina Carberry (banjo), Steve Larkin (fiddle), Gerry Madden (mandolin), Jack Kinsella (uileann pipes), Andrew Kinsella (banjo) and Bláthnaid Marsh (piano)." -- Claddagh Records Button Accordion


P.J. Hernon - First House in Connaught

Traditional Irish music. A dedication to Danny Smith. Button Accordion           


Irish Concertina Ensemble - Zero

Irish Concertina Ensemble (ICE) are a collection of 5 of the best concertina players to come from Irish music. Pádraig Rynne, Micheál Ó Raghallaigh, Tim Collins, Edel Fox and Caitlín Nic Gabhann combine challenging original and traditional material. Anglo Concertina

$24 Currently out of stock.

Music by Trés Moutarde - American Music for Small Orchestra from Another Time

"Our music is from the early decades of the 20th century - a time when music heard was, almost always, music heard live. The recording industry was in its infancy. ... In this world, small orchestras flourished and dotted the land. Published arrangements of popular tunes of the day found a large and ready national market. It is these arrangements that Trés Moutarde draws from." -- liner notes Treble and Baritone Concertina


Cormac Begley

"All of the pieces of music that feature on this album instantly struck a chord with me the first time I heard them. My approach here has been simply to connect as honestly as possible with them. I wanted to produce a solo concertina album using the full range of concertinas from bass, baritone, treble to piccolo, and to highlight some of the instrument’s possibilities spanning across seven octaves. Each track is one take, featuring one concertina and are all free from studio manipulation. I have sourced previously unrecorded music, new compositions and other tunes within the tradition that have been my companions and my internal sound track during my life to date." -- Cormac Begley Anglo Concertina

$23 Currently out of stock.

Antóin Mac Gabhann & Caitlín Nic Gabhann - Tobar Bhríde

"This is the first time father and daughter Antóin and Caitlín have recorded together. Antóin is a well-known Irish fiddle player from Co.Cavan. He has been playing fiddle at Fleadhs and festivals for decades and has been teaching fiddle in Co.Meath for almost 50 years. His daughter Caitlín is a concertina player and dancer who has toured extensively with various groups and ensembles including Riverdance, 'Caitlín & Ciarán' and more recently 'The High Seas'." -- Claddagh Records Anglo Concertina


Andrew Mac Namara, Karen Ryan and Pete Quinn - From Camden to Tulla

"This album features a selection of classic traditional tunes, plus a few East Clare gems, which we have enjoyed playing over many years of friendship." -- Andrew, Karen and Pete Button Accordion


The High Seas

"Uplifting audiences across the world, The High Seas bring a fresh collection of musical talent with this new recording. The band skilfully weave together the colourful strands of Irish music, song and dance into a tapestry of tradition, giving a performance that is both playful and profound, ethereal and brooding. The trio is made up of acclaimed musicians Caitlín Nic Gabhann (concertina, dance), Ciarán Ó Maonaigh (fiddles) and Cathal Ó Curráin (vocals, bouzouki, fiddle)." -- Claddagh Records. Anglo Concertina

$20 Currently out of stock.

melodeon mad! - Bobby Gardiner

"Bobby has been at the forefront of melodeon music in ireland for over 50 years." -- Claddagh Records. Button Accordion


New Books

Hal Leonard Complete Accordion Method - (Book with Online Audio) - Lucien and Richard Galliano

"The English edition of this accordion method penned by father/son authors Lucien & Richard Galliano includes fingering indications for both piano and [chromatic] button accordions, plus online audio demo tracks for download or streaming. The book features full-color illustrations throughout by Jean-Noël Rochut, a preface and a brief history of the accordion, and detailed instrumental instruction." -- Hal Leonard 112 pages with online audio.


Hal Leonard Accordion Method - (Book with Online Audio) - Beverly Grace Joy

"Designed for anyone just learning to play the accordion, this comprehensive beginner's guide gives students an overview of the material, using photos and diagrams. From there, it moves to easy specific application in music reading and playing the treble keyboard or bass buttons or both. Note reading and rhythmic understanding are presented in an easy-to-understand manner and are reinforced throughout the book. Here, you'll find a variety of musical styles: American folk tunes, a calypso from Trinidad, a well-known melody by Beethoven, and folksongs from England, France, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand. The online audio includes demonstrations of all the songs in the book!" -- Hal Leonard 80 pages with online audio.


Cowboy Concertina: 75 Songs of the Old American West - Gary Coover & Pipp Gillette

"Enjoy and relive the romance of the Great American West with this collection of 75 oldtime western and cowboy songs arranged especially for the Anglo concertina. Included are full lyrics, music, and special Anglo concertina tablature. You will find many of your favorite old cowboy songs here, from Ain’t No More Cane on the Brazos all they way to The Zebra Dun." -- Rollston Press 176 pages.


A Garden of Dainty Delights - Adrian Brown

"Tunes from the olden times, arranged for anglo concertina by Adrian Brown, and faithfully transcribed for Jeffries and Wheatstone systems by Gary Coover" -- Rollston Press 155 pages.


English Folk Tunes for Accordion - Arranged by David Oliver

A lively and wide-ranging collection of great tunes from all around England, suitable for playing on piano accordion, melodeon, and other squeezeboxes. Includes reels, jigs, hornpipes, and slow airs drawn from the 17th century to the present day, with background information on the tunes and performance suggestions. 80 pages with CD.


Black Isle Music III - Keith Murphy

"The third volume of Keith’s original tunes including the popular Epic Reel with harmony parts, as recently recorded by Childsplay and other dance gems like Viroqua. Once again, a bonus appendix with some of Becky’s best recent compositions like the enchanting waltz, Chili and Chocolate." -- Black Isle Music 58 pages.


Pirate Songs for Concertina - Gary Coover

"From their heyday in the 1600's and 1700's to present-day shows like Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Sails, and online games like Assassin's Creed and Sea of Thieves, pirates are more popular than ever and the concertina is the instrument of choice for enjoying their old sea shanties and traditional tunes. Even after all these years they're still great fun to play, too." -- Rollston Press 132 pages.


Pop Standards for Accordion

20 classic pop standards arranged for accordion are included in this collection: Annie's Song • Chances Are • For Once in My Life • Help Me Make It Through the Night • My Cherie Amour • Ramblin' Rose • (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay • That's Amore (That's Love) • Unchained Melody • and more. 64 pages.

$12.99 Currently out of stock.

Instant Melodeon - Dave Mallinson

This book utilises a combination of standard music notation, melodeon tablature, time signature spacing and simple, popular tunes. Along with the specially prepared soundtrack, you have everything required for instant gratification and to quickly build a superb core repertoire of traditional music. 24 pages with CD.


Beginners' Melodeon Tunes and Techniques - Dave Mallinson

Enjoy playing traditional music on the D/G melodeon. Learn 75 traditional tunes from England, Scotland, Wales, Shetland, Orkney, Ireland, France, Flanders, Canada and America. 48 pages.


Beginners' Melodeon Tunes and Techniques - Companion CD - Dave Mallinson

This recording has been produced as a companion soundtrack to the book of the same title. CD

World Music for Accordion Made Easy

Favorite Hymns and Gospel Songs for Accordion - David DiGiuseppe

"This book presents a collection of the most-loved, all-time favorite gospel songs and hymns for the keyboard accordion. The songs are presented in easy-to-read arrangements in popular keys, with accompanying fingering suggestions and chord symbols. These short and lyrical arrangements are perfect for use in a worship setting or just for fun." --Mel Bay 48 pages.