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Accordion Shoulder Straps

High Quality USA-made Accordion Straps by NeoTech. These ergonomically-designed straps are constructed of flexible neoprene padding and webbing with non-skid shoulder pad section to distribute weight and reduce strain. Very comfortable.

Neotech Pad-It straps

Pad-It Straps

A simple yet elegant strap that is sure to be a hit! The shoulder pads are made with an anti-microbial memory foam that conforms to the shoulders for a comfortable fit that makes even heavy instruments a breeze to wear. The pads also help to wick moisture away for additional comfort. The straps connect to the instrument with their unique loop connection system for added security. Length is adjustable from 33" to 51".

Neotech straps

Accordion Harness Straps

Ideal for small- to medium-sized accordions. These taper from 3" at the shoulder down to 2" and are length adjustable from 23" to 49". Includes their unique adjustable backstrap which quickly joins the two shoulder straps together with a quick disconnect for ease of use and helps to maintain the proper playing position.


Deluxe Accordion Harness

Another great option from Neotech for heavier accordions, where slightly less stretch is preferred. It's available in two sizes: Regular (pad size 2-1/4" wide x 21" long) and Junior (pad size 2" wide x 13" long). Its innovative design combines a padded foam core, neoprene, and heavy elastic for a unique feel. The Deluxe Harness incorporates a fully adjustable back strap that can be moved up and down the pad as well as adjusted across the back.

$42 Junior

$50 Regular
High Quality Italian Accordion Straps. The Button Box offers top-quality straps made by Italcinte of Castelfidardo, Italy. All straps have strong leather spines and thick foam padding. Colors as specified; other colors, fabrics, are available by special request. Priced per pair. Lengths given are for the longer strap of the pair; the shorter strap is 2" less for the medium length and 4" less for the full length.

323 Straps

Black leather/velvet, 1½" wide padding.

Medium length: 34" to 40"
Full length: 41" to 48"

311 Straps

2¼" wide padding, choice of black leather/velvet or natural leather/red corduroy.

Medium Length: 34" to 40"
Choose color:
Full length: 41" to 48"
Choose color:

312 Straps

All leather. Tan, 2¼" wide padding.

Full length: 41" to 48"

306 Straps

Black leather/velvet, 3" wide padding. Includes small backstrap.

Medium length: 34" to 40"
Full length: 41" to 48"

Neotech Single Strap

A comfortable and less expensive alternative for players who prefer to use a single strap. Originally designed for brass players, this strap is fully adjustable from 33" to 55" and has just the right amount of "give" to be comfortable during those all-night sessions. The neoprene rubber construction grips your shoulder to prevent slippage.

Super Strap

The Superstrap

For years Irish and Cajun players have been asking for an extra long single strap. Here it is... a durable leather strap which is adjustable from 42" to 50" with the padding positioned to rest comfortably on your shoulder. Covered in hard-wearing felted wool fabric. Measures 2" wide at the thickest point.


Accordion Back Straps & Other Accessories

"The Infinitely Adjustable Back Strap"

Easy on, easy off. Fully adjustable while you are wearing it. Comfortable, sturdy, and good for your back, too. Made in Red Hook, New York. 1-1/4" wide, regular or long length.

Regular length

#127 Back Strap

1 3/8" wide leather with interlocking o-rings and stud adjusters, maximum length 22".


#134 Back Strap

Deluxe model with strap & buckle adjuster and fastex buckle, maximum length 19". Black leather with black felt lining.


Fuselli Elastic Buckle Covers

Prevent strap buckles from damaging your accordion. Come as a pair. Current stock is burgundy and black.

$10 Select color

Italcinte Buckle Covers

Prevent strap buckles from damaging your accordion. Made of high-quality leather by Italcinte. Come as a pair. Current stock is tan and dark brown.

$10 Select color

Concertina Straps

Concertina neckstrap
Colors available
Standard brackets

Neotech Concertina Neck Strap

At last - we've found a concertina neck strap we like! Designed by Neotech as a camera strap, with a memory foam pad, it's adjustable from 24" to 68" (including the attachment hardware). Made in USA.


Hooks into brackets on your concertina. If your concertina does not have strap brackets yet, you will also need to purchase brackets below.

Select color: $16
Mounting Brackets

These sturdy brackets attach to your concertina with a nut and washer. Installation instructions included. Let us know what instrument this is for and we will provide you with appropriate instructions. Please note that installing this hardware requires drilling holes in your instrument. Contact us if you would prefer for us to install it for you.

$25 / pair