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Repairs & Tuning

The Button Box offers a complete repair and tuning service. We can perform complete overhauls on concertinas and button accordions. Our piano accordion service is limited to warranty repairs. We have most types of reeds, valves, straps and other replacement parts on hand. We also have a variety of accessories such as backpads and microphone systems, and can obtain full reed sets for button accordions. We use top-quality pads, valves and springs on our concertina repairs. Original Wheatstone and Dipper parts are also available.

We charge $20 for repair estimates but waive the fee if you have us proceed with repairs. Please be aware that there is a wait list for repairs that take more than one hour. Please inquire for details.

Replacement Parts

Although we are not a parts supplier, we do keep a small inventory of replacement parts for our customers. Contact us for more information. Please be aware that parts orders include a picking charge. We recommend FRM Enterprises and Hohner USA for retail parts orders.