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The Button Box, Inc., has been making high-quality, reliable concertinas under the R. Morse & Co. brand since 1999. Our concertinas are nimble instruments with a full, bright tone, satisfying to play and appealing to the eye as well.


30-key Anglo Concertina
ESB Baritone Anglo Concertina


31-key Baritone Anglo Concertina


45-key English Concertina


52-key Hayden Duet Concertina


37-key English Concertina

Our Workshop

Our woodwork begins as a solid cherry log, hand-picked and custom-made for us into solid cherry plywood. Stronger than solid wood, it withstands stress and resists cracking.

Once cut, the fretwork is fitted, shaped, and finished by local craftspeople in Western Massachusetts.

Each button is bushed with a sliver of natural felt.

Traditional materials, from natural wool felt and acid-free linen to beeswax and fine natural leathers, are durable, strong, resilient, and flexible.

Fine Italian-made accordion reeds provide excellent response and dynamic range.

Our bellows are crafted by hand using the best traditional methods and materials.

The leather for our bellows is skived by hand, requiring a good eye and nimble hands.

Our selection of jigs allow us to produce uniform parts efficiently without sacrificing the niceties of individual attention.

Installing lever arms is the first step in constructing the action.

We fine-tune the action by hand, guaranteeing a fast and smooth response.

The reeds are tuned and voiced to exacting standards.

A CNC router and dedicated machine room allow us to fabricate many parts on site...

...including our own lever arms, cut from sheets of brass.

Old-fashioned craft and new technology are not mutually exclusive. We favor the best tool for each job.

Fully assembled ends are a milestone in the production process.

We assemble 589 individual components, give or take a few valves and helpers, to make one finished Céilí.