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Linnet 2-Row Button Accordion

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$595 - $689

The Linnet button accordion combines the best elements of design and construction in an affordable entry-level package.

Linnet with soft case


  • 21 treble buttons and 8 bass, pearl white.
  • Keys of B/C, C#/D, D/G, A/D and G/C($595).
  • B/C accordions have McComiskey bass layout.
  • Super Durall reeds, made in Italy by Voce Armoniche, 2 reeds per note (MM) in the treble. Tuned tremolo americano, which is drier than the standard Italian tremolo.
  • Flat fingerboard with thumb groove.
  • Fast, smooth action.
  • Glossy black finish.
  • Pair of padded shoulder straps and adjustable bass strap.
  • Black padded soft case with back straps and single shoulder strap.
  • 11.5" tall, 6" deep, 11.25" wide. Weighs 6 lbs. 12 oz. (3.1 kg)
  • Optional Italian hard case for $69 ($10 off regular price).
  • Available exclusively from The Button Box

Key of B/C: PNG | PDF

Key of C#/D: PNG | PDF

Key of D/G: PNG | PDF

Key of G/C: PNG | PDF

Key of B/C

Key of C♯/D

Key of D/G

Key of G/C