Here are just a few free-reed links that, in turn, will point you to many more.

Forums & Newsgroups
Squeezebox Information
  • has plenty of accordion-related information and links to services, places, events, materials, and performers.
  • Jeroen Nijhof's Accordion Links is possibly the most comprehensive source of all things accordion on the Web.
  • Hans Palm's Accordion Pages present a wealth of information on piano-, chromatic-, and uniform keyboard accordions.
Squeezebox Organizations
Squeezebox Festivals, Events, and Camps Free-Reed Instruction
  • Jody Kruskal teaches English-style anglo concertina and offers lessons in Brooklyn, NY and via Skype.
  • Christian Stevens teaches Irish-style anglo concertina, B/C and C#/D button accordion, and 1-row Irish-style melodeon in New England and via Skype.
  • Florence Fahy teaches Irish-style anglo concertina in Beverly, MA and via Skype.
Tunes and Sound Clip Sites
  • The ABC home page has extensive information on ABC notation.
  • Richard Moon's TUNEdb is possibly the largest collection of traditional tunes on the internet.
  • The Session is a large collection of Irish traditional tunes and other information.
  • FolkTuneFinder allows you to search for tunes via title or melody.
  • Al Ladd is a Colrain, Massachusetts woodworker who makes many of the wood components for the Morse concertinas. He also crafts very high quality decorative jewelry boxes and cutting boards, which he sells from his personal website.