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Learn To Play Accordion

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Piano Accordion

Mel Bay's Deluxe Accordion Method - Frank Zucco

A complete and thorough accordion method for the beginner. In this single volume, three levels of clear, easy-to-understand instruction teach music reading and playing from the very beginning, supplemented by original solos and arrangements. Students learn to play by feel and touch rather than depending on sight. Helpful illustrations and photographs are provided. This method mentions the 120-bass accordion, but focuses on the 12-bass instrument, with mention of minor, seventh, and diminished chords towards the end of the book. One of the finest accordion methods available. 99 pages with DVD or online video.

$21.99 With DVD.

$19.99 With online video.
Getting Into Accordion

Getting Into Accordion - by Gary Dahl

This book is designed for the person who is returning to the piano accordion after a few idle years and needs a "crash" review. Included with the book is an instructional compact disc by the author. The minimum size instrument for this book is an 80 bass piano accordion. 104 pages with CD.

The Mighty Accordion

The Mighty Accordion - David DiGiuseppe

A guide to playing the bass side of the accordion. A comprehensive collection of progressive exercises guide the student in learning and mastering bass/chord patterns. For the beginner, the first few chapters assume little or no knowledge of the instrument and teach how to play simple accompaniment patterns. Uses of the major, minor and seventh chords are explained, with numerous exercises offered to develop skill in executing various bass/chord accompaniment patterns. For the advanced player, latter chapters present exercises on chord combinations needed to play sixth, minor seventh, major seventh and ninth chords, and other advanced techniques. Throughout the book, explanations are offered on the workings of the instrument and relevant music theory. Assumes a 120-bass instrument, though many exercises can be played on a smaller instrument. Play along with online tracks featuring many of the book's exercises played at both a slow and moderate tempo. 112 pages with downloads.


First Lessons: Accordion - Gary Dahl

Twenty-six lessons combining theory and technique. Exercises and tunes for the beginning piano accordion player. Mel Bay publication. Assumes a 48-bass instrument, but many tunes will fit on a smaller instrument. 32 pages with online audio.


Learn Blues Accordion - David DiGiuseppe

"Learn Blues Accordion is a unique method book that includes 34 blues compositions and numerous exercises that will help you master the blues. The exercises increase in difficulty and introduce concepts and techniques that specifically target both hands. Explore blues scales, chord progressions and learn common blues techniques such as grace notes, slides, pedal points, double stops and tremolos. Left hand accompanying rhythmic styles are taught and used throughout the material, including boogie-woogie, the blues shuffle, New Orleans and walking bass lines. This book also features exercises on comping chords in common blues keys using various rhythmic patterns. Accompanying audio is recorded in stereo format, separating the left and right hands. The recordings are available online with included access." -- Mel Bay 96 pages with online audio.


Master Accordion Scale Book With Jazz Scale Studies - Gary Dahl

This book has been designed to develop the professional or recreational accordionist further toward advanced musicianship. Why do we practice scales? The great jazz accordionist, Art Van Damme, when asked what he practiced, replied, "Only the fundamentals!" The fundamental classical and jazz scales with explanations are presented here in a clear, concise format. For best results use this book with or after the Chord Melody Method for Accordion. 79 pages.


The Piano Accordion Absolute Beginners - Karen Tweed and Dave Mallinson

Detailed tuition for playing traditional music on the piano accordion. Learn 58 easy, popular and well-known traditional tunes: core repertoire for pub sessions, country dances, ceilidhs, barn dances and hoe-downs. 32 pages


The Piano Accordion Absolute Beginners - Companion soundtrack played by Karen Tweed

Companion CD for The Piano Accordion Absolute Beginners book. CD


Piano Accordion for Absolute Beginners - Chris Parkinson

Chris shows you how to play some simple tunes and gives helpful hints for new accordionists step-by-step and note-for-note. No musical knowledge is required. Chris Parkinson's straightforward and easy to understand method teaches the absolute beginner the basics of playing piano accordion. His aim is to introduce you to the piano accordion and teach you the relationship between the right and left hand fingerboards. Through the study of simple tunes, you will master the first level of skills required to become a proficient player. Once these skills are mastered you will be ready to explore and develop your own musical tastes and styles. DVD


Play Accordion Today! - Gary Meisner

A new method book designed for self-teaching or instruction with a teacher. Starting from the basics of reading music, this book and accompanying CD takes you through the beginning stages of learning to play the piano accordion. Best suited for 48-bass piano accordions, but can be used with larger instruments. 63 pages with CD.


You Can Teach Yourself Accordion - (Book with Online Audio) - Neil Griffin

"A comprehensive method written especially for serious students learning the accordion without access to formal music lessons. Seasoned music educator and performer Neil Griffin guides the student through music reading fundamentals, correct posture and hand positions, use of the bellows, bass buttons, keyboard, and more. Music theory concepts are introduced as required by the generous selection of carefully graded exercises and pieces. Although this book covers concepts that apply to the 120-bass accordion, it only uses 54 buttons (covering 9 rows in easy keys). Illustrated with diagrams and photographs. Includes access to online audio." -- Mel Bay 96 pages with online audio.


Sergiu Popa - Gypsy and East European Accordion

Sergiu Popa, 4th-generation accordionist from a Roma (Gypsy) musical dynasty, sheds light on the mysteries and complexities of Eastern European music. Whether you're a soloist or part of a band, play along as he demonstrates and explains the distinctive features of a Serbian-Gypsy kolo, a Bulgarian ratchenitsa, a Moldovan hora, a Romanian-Gypsy manea, and a Jewish terkisher. DVD


Professor Louie's Rock & Blues Accordion

Professor Louie starts at the top, teaching you how to put the accordion on and hold it correctly. He then shows, through detailed drills and exercises, how the buttons are used to play the bass lines, scales and chords for accompanying a keyboard melody. Before long, you'll be vamping on 12-bar progressions, riffing with right hand pentatonic blues scales, playing chord inversions and improvising blues and rock songs. You''ll learn the shuffle rhythm, the "Fats Domino rock ''n'' roll stroll" and other great grooves, along with the bellows shake, wobble and other special accordion techniques. Some elementary knowledge of the keyboard is recommended. Aaron plays a 96-button accordion on this DVD, but the lesson applies to all piano accordions. DVD


Accordion: Mastering the Art - Murray Grainger

On this hour-long DVD, renowned accordion teacher Murray Grainger works with student Lesley Dolman, to provide a live audience with a valuable insight into how to improve their command of the piano accordion. Together they explore posture, right- and left-hand technique, articulation, tone production and bellows control, and how to develop tunes. Geared toward the intermediate or advanced player. DVD


Complete Method for Accordion - Luigi Anzaghi

Available in the United States again after a long absence. We're happy to see it again -- this is an instruction book for the piano accordion in English. Covers chromatic button accordion, as well. 213 pages.


Chromatic Button Accordion

De L'Accordéon: Nouvelle Approche Technique - Frédéric Deschamps

A tutor for the chromatic button accordion geared toward experienced players. Deschamps concentrates on technique to get the most out of your playing. In French. 35 pages.


Complete Method for Accordion - Luigi Anzaghi

Available in the United States again after a long absence. We're happy to see it again -- this is an instruction book for the chromatic accordion (C-system) in English. 213 pages.