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Learn To Play Chromatic Accordion

We carry a broad selection of books and other materials to get you started. Please contact us if you need help finding the right product for you.

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Complete Method for Accordion - Luigi Anzaghi

Available in the United States again after a long absence. We're happy to see it again -- this is an instruction book for the chromatic accordion (C-system) in English. 213 pages.


De L'Accordéon: Nouvelle Approche Technique - Frédéric Deschamps

A tutor for the chromatic button accordion geared toward experienced players. Deschamps concentrates on technique to get the most out of your playing. In French. 35 pages.


Hal Leonard Complete Accordion Method - (Book with Online Audio) - Lucien and Richard Galliano

"The English edition of this accordion method penned by father/son authors Lucien & Richard Galliano includes fingering indications for both piano and [chromatic] button accordions, plus online audio demo tracks for download or streaming. The book features full-color illustrations throughout by Jean-Noël Rochut, a preface and a brief history of the accordion, and detailed instrumental instruction." -- Hal Leonard 112 pages with online audio.

The Mighty Accordion

The Mighty Accordion - David DiGiuseppe

A guide to playing the bass side of the accordion, for instruments with Stradella bass. A comprehensive collection of progressive exercises guide the student in learning and mastering bass/chord patterns. For the beginner, the first few chapters assume little or no knowledge of the instrument and teach how to play simple accompaniment patterns. Uses of the major, minor and seventh chords are explained, with numerous exercises offered to develop skill in executing various bass/chord accompaniment patterns. For the advanced player, latter chapters present exercises on chord combinations needed to play sixth, minor seventh, major seventh and ninth chords, and other advanced techniques. Throughout the book, explanations are offered on the workings of the instrument and relevant music theory. Assumes a 120-bass instrument, though many exercises can be played on a smaller instrument. Play along with online tracks featuring many of the book's exercises played at both a slow and moderate tempo. 112 pages with online audio.