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Nearly all of our CDs feature concertina or accordion. Within their categories (such as Irish or Cajun), they are listed in alphabetical order, by artist or group. If you are looking for a particular CD, try using your browser's 'Find' function by clicking Edit > Find or by typing Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Macs).


Yvonne Bolton & Alan Jordan - Silver Threads

"An exciting debut album of concertina, fiddle, guitar, vocals and more that highlights the duo's respect for traditional melody as well as their willingness to look beyond stereotypical boundaries to create good music. Great Irish music." -- Claddagh Records Anglo concertina


Breaking Trad

"This powerhouse band (Donal Murphy, Niall Murphy, and Mike Galvin) are reviving Trad with a fresh and modern twist, the music has been described as "dazzling", unorthodox and unique" and "high octane". -- Claddagh Records Button accordion


Róisín Broderick and Noel Battle - Up and About in the Morning

2013 All-Ireland Concertina Champion Róisín Broderick teams up with harmonica player Noel Battle for some truly lovely free-reed duets. Anglo Concertina


Dermot Byrne & Floriane Blancke

Features varied music, both Irish and French, played on button accordion and harp. "Bare-boned, spare arrangements that leave nowhere to hide.... Byrne and Blancke manage to cleanse palates long jaded by the overdrive of ensembles on full throttle." -- Siobhan Long - The Irish Times Button Accordion

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Brian McNamara & Tim Collins - Reed Only

The eagerly awaited release from Tim Collins and piper Brian McNamara. "An exhilarating music journey which soars effortlessly into heights of artistry where virtuosity is always balanced by supreme tastfulness" - Dr. Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin. Anglo Concertina


Come West Along the Road - Volume 1

Songs from singers in Irish and English; jigs, reels, hornpipes, and airs from solo musicians and groups; step dances, set dances, and ceili dances from exhibition and social dancers - this second DVD from the television archives of RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster, contains more than two hours of outstanding performances from across the rich spectrum of Irish traditional music. DVD


Come West Along the Road - Volume 2

Songs from singers in Irish and English; jigs, reels, hornpipes, and airs from solo musicians and groups; step dances, set dances, and ceili dances from exhibition and social dancers - this second DVD from the television archives of RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster, contains two and a half hours of outstanding performances from across the rich spectrum of Irish traditional music. DVD


Come West Along the Road - Volume 3

Presented and researched by Nicholas Carolan, director of the Irish Traditional Music Archive in Dublin, Come West along the Road is now in its 11th series, and is the longest-running television series ever on Irish traditional music. The series consists of 13 half-hour programmes drawn from the first three decades of RTÉ television (1961-1989), with additional material from other television stations, newsreels, feature films, and private film footage. Some material is being shown for the first time, and most of the material in the series has not been seen since its first transmission up to 40 years ago. DVD


Come West Along the Road - Volume 4

This fourth DVD from the television archives of RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster, contains over three and a half hours of outstanding performances from across the rich spectrum of Irish traditional music. It features over 220 performers. DVD


Peter Conlon - The Genius of Peter Conlon

"This new release presents the recorded works of the remarkable P.J. Conlon - foremost of the melodeon players to record Irish music in the 1920's. The remarkable Peter Conlon was the foremost player of traditional Irish music on the melodeon during the golden age of 78 rpm recording. The 44 page booklet documents his life, his recordings, his legacy, and much more." -- Claddagh Records 2 CDs + booklet


Damien Connolly - Inspired

Featuring Sally Connolly, Seamus Connolly, Brendan Dolan, John Doyle, Sean Earnest, Oisin MacDiarmada, Eamon O'Leary, Jason Sypher, the String Fingers Band, Brittany Haas, and Chelsea Smith. From 2014. Button accordion

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Johnny Connolly - An Mileoidean Scaoilte

Johnny Connolly is one of the masters of the Irish one-row button accordion, and this album showcases his spirited and clear style of playing. The tracks on thsi album are grouped in 3 sets (including one that is suitable for dancing the Connemara Set). With Charlie Lennon on piano and sean-nos dancer Seosamh O'Neachtain . Melodeon


John Cronin and Daithí Kearney - Midleton Rare

Features John Cronin on button accordion and Daithí Kearney on banjo. "This recording is a snap shot of the session in Midleton but draws heavily on the music of Sliabh Luachra and particular accordion players Johnny O'Leary, Denis Doody, Jackie Daly and John Brosnan. It also features music sourced to John's father DD, a fiddle player from Glenamuckla in the parish of Newmarket, Co. Cork." -- Claddagh Records Button Accordion

Music from Sliabh Luachra

Jackie Daly - Music from Sliabh Luachra

Daly's debut album from 1977 has been remastered and re-released. Button Accordion

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Luke Daniels & Jonathan Preiss - Above the Bellow

From 2002 to 2005 Luke Daniels sang and played regular concerts with Jonathan Preiss on 7 string guitar including The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow at the Celtic Connections Festival and Appleton Village Hall in North Lincolnshire. On its release it received critical acclaim for Luke's vocals and songwriting. Button Accordion

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Luke Daniels - Secret Sessions

A compilation of music recorded by Luke between 2001 and 2004. With Cathal Hadyn and Arty McGlinn, Alec Dankworth and Clive Carroll, Ian Carr, and Dean Magraw. Button Accordion

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Tom Doherty - Dance Sean Nós

This 19 track release features a section of lively, old-style Melodion tunes recorded at various tempos for sean-nós dancing. BPMs are provided for dancing. All-Ireland Champion Melodeon player, Tom Doherty is a full-time professional musician and teacher from Foxford, County Mayo. He performs regularly and tours internationally with various groups and shows including Céide, Swallows Tail Céilí Band, and more recently the sean-nós dancing show Fuaim Chonamara. Button Accordion

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Chris Droney - Down From Bell Harbour

This is the third solo album from legendary Clare man Chris Droney, who has been playing music for seventy-three years, delighting traditional music enthusiasts and dancers alike. With tasteful accompaniment from Jacinta McEvoy, Down from Bell Harbour is one of the finest ever collections of traditional Irish concertina music. He was All-Ireland Senior Concertina Champion nine times and still plays regularly with The Four Courts céilí band, throughout Ireland and abroad. -- Claddagh. Anglo Concertina


Foinn Seisiún 2 CD - Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

The second two-CD set in the Foinn Seisiún series of books and CDs, designed for both learners and appreciators of Irish traditional music, based on the Wednesday night session from Comhaltas headquarters in Monkstown.


Foinn Seisiún Volume 2 Book

This series of books and CD sets was produced to provide those learning to play Irish music with a virtual session to play along with, at home or wherever they may be practicing, and to hone their skills. The tunes, comprising sessions standards in all the main genres (even mazurkas and waltzes), are grouped in medleys of two or three, and are performed that way on the companion 2-CD sets. The musical notation is the typical single-line, bare-bones version.


Foinn Seisiún 3 - Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

The third two-CD set in the Foinn Seisiún series of books and CDs, designed for both learners and appreciators of Irish traditional music, based on the Wednesday night session from Comhaltas headquarters in Monkstown.


Foinn Seisiún 3 - Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

This series of books and CD sets was produced to provide those learning to play Irish music with a virtual session to play along with, at home or wherever they may be practicing, and to hone their skills. The tunes, comprising sessions standards in all the main genres (even mazurkas and waltzes), are grouped in medleys of two or three, and are performed that way on the companion 2-CD sets. The musical notation is the typical single-line, bare-bones version.


Florence Fahy - Tunes from the Flaggy Shore

Florence is a highly regarded player and teacher of the concertina. Her playing is rooted in the Irish tradition and this first album from a player of her stature is long overdue. Florence comes from an area rich in traditional music and concertina playing in New Quay, Co Clare. She heard her first tunes by the fireside from her father Martin Fahy, who joins her in a few sets on this CD. Anglo Concertina


Edel Fox & Neill Byrne - The Sunny Banks

Clare concertina player Edel Fox joins Waterford fiddler Neill Byrne on this new exciting recording of Irish Traditional Music. --Claddagh Records . Anglo Concertina

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Dan Gurney - Traditional Irish Music on the Button Accordion

"Recorded in a single afternoon and accompanied by meticulous sleeve notes, Gurney's first foray into the studio left a number of memorable deposits. At times his thoughtful and unhurried style brings a certain aloofness to his sound, as if he's observing the tunes at a remove, but distance affords enough space to let the tunes speak for themselves." - Siobhan Long. Button Accordion


Hugh Healy and Michael O'Connell - We were drinking and kissing the ladies

This album is a collection of tunes from County Clare and beyond, celebrating the Clare tradition of reels, jigs, setdances, marches, as well as a glimpse into some new influences on Irish traditional music. The group features backing from Cyril O Donoughue on bouzouki and Padraic O Reilly on piano. Also guesting on the album are Colm Healy on accordion, Richard Lyons on bodhran, Elaine Hogan on piano, and John Kelly and Johnny Kelly on fiddles. John Kelly and his son Johnny join them on the title track. . Anglo Concertina, Button Accordion

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Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon - In Knocknagree

Another fantastic duet album (1985), this one featuring with Hill the great Clare accordion player Tony MacMahon. The recordings were made in Dan Connell's pub in Knocknagree, in the heart of Sliabh Luachra, and, with dancers whooping and stomping along, the atmosphere is simply electric. Brilliant. Anglo Concertina, Button Accordion


Noel Hill - The Irish Concertina

Hill is considered one of the best concertina players in Ireland today, and this, his first solo album (1988), showcases his instrumental skills and his impeccable taste. -- Celtic Grooves. Anglo Concertina

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Noel Hill - The Irish Concertina Two

Noel Hill has set the standard for Irish concertina music. Eighteen years after his original Irish Concertina album came this sequel, a must-have for any fan of the concertina. Anglo Concertina

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Noel Hill - Live in New York

"Recorded live in New York, this is a 6-panel Digipack, designed by Maurice Gunning with notes by Noel Hill, and an introductory note by Tony Mac Mahon." -- Claddagh Records Anglo Concertina


Noel Hill - Noel Hill & Tony Linnane

This 1979 album pairs up the talents of two excellent musicians in Clare, on concertina and fiddle. Every track is a delight and has become a classic. Contributions from guests Matt Molloy (flute), Alec Finn (bouzouki), and Micheal O' Domhnaill (harmonium). Anglo Concertina

The Daisy Field

Claire Keville - The Daisy Field

The Daisy Field is a new CD from Galway concertina player Claire Keville, with guest musicians Liam Lewis and Breda Keville on fiddle. Accompaniment is provided by Geraldine Cotter on piano and Terence O'Reilly on guitar. Claire also performs three solo tracks on harpsichord, which calls to mind the sound of the ancient Irish harp. Overall a CD with strong traditional roots. Anglo Concertina

MacMahon from Clare

Tony MacMahon - MacMahon from Clare

In 70 minutes we are treated to reels, jigs, marches, set dances and slow airs, all played with thought and feeling. Slow airs are something of a speciality with Tony MacMahon, and one of the striking things about this CD is that the slow tracks far outnumber the fast ones. Tony can rattle out a reel as well as the next time-served Clare accordionist, as is amply demonstrated in his fine duet with fiddler James Kelly, but the slow airs are where his singular mastery is most evident. "MacMahon from Clare" includes five fine examples: the opening lament "The Fair-Haired Boy", the eerie and magical "Port na bPucai", an unforgettable interpretation of the well-known "Caoineadh Eoghain Rua", a fine Breton air which will doubtless become popular, and a wonderful six-minute exploration of "Amhran na Leabhar" which is a challenging and deeply moving piece commemorating the loss at sea of all the manuscripts by the great Irish poet Tomas Rua O Suilleabhain. --Claddagh Records Button Accordion


Tony MacMahon & Steve Cooney - Scaoil Amach an Pocaide / Live in Spiddal

"This is a very special recording for me. The concert turned out to be a particularly on-form night for both Steve and myself, and formed the basis for the Kitchen Concerts series that we had going there in more recent years. Because of my recent Parkinson’s diagnosis it seems I will not be playing much or recording again, so this is the beginning of “a farewell to music” of sorts for me. ... I’ll leave the final, very kind and humbling words to our good friend Martin Hayes: “What could be better than hearing the combination of these two iconic musicians. This is a beautiful and profoundly heartfelt recording that anybody interested in Irish music should own.” --Tony MacMahon Button accordion


Mary MacNamara - The Blackberry Blossom

If you liked Mary's concertina playing on her first album, you will enjoy it on her second at least as much. With Geraldine Cotter on piano, as well as brother Andrew MacNamara (accordion) and Catherine McEvoy (flute) on a few tracks. Anglo Concertina, Button Accordion


Mary MacNamara & Sorcha Costello - The Lady's Cup of Tea

Mary's new album (2016). On this album Mary is joined by her daughter Sorcha on fiddle. Mary and Sorcha have been playing music together since Sorcha was a young child. Over the years they have enjoyed an innate understanding of each other’s music. . . . Both Mary and Sorcha also play solo selections on this album. Sorcha’s brother Pádraig adds to the “family fusion” in his accompaniment on tracks 9 and 14. Geraldine Cotter provides wonderfully sensitive and tasteful accompaniment on all other tracks.--Claddagh Records Anglo concertina


Mary MacNamara - Note for Note

16 tracks of tunes Mary has picked up over the years, featuring her perenially balanced and nuanced playing with no accompaniment. Anglo Concertina


Mary MacNamara - Traditional Music from East Clare

A lovely first solo album by this concertina player from Tulla, Co. Clare, whose subtle, sparsely decorated, and gently paced music is absolutely captivating. With guest appearances by fiddle players P.J. and Martin Hayes, and piano accompaniments by Seamus Quinn. --Celtic Grooves. Anglo Concertina

Are You the Concertina Player?

Kate McNamara - Are You the Concertina Player?

August 2008 release of concertina music by young Tulla (well, near Tulla) native, Kate McNamara. Mary MacNamara influenced Kate's playing greatly and indeed that of Kate's sister, Amy and brother, Gearoid, who join her on this album. Anglo Concertina


Damien Mullane - 13

"Damien Mullane has come of age with a subtlety of approach to his art that leaves you in awe of the simplistic beauty of it all. Into the mix he throws a selection of sets that weave and turn from waltz to polka to slide. There is an inherent cleanness to the album and the inclusion of several waltz, march or polka tracks gives a freshness in approach to structure. It therefore has a different balance breaking as it does from the usual jig and reel dominated approach. It all feels and sounds natural and spontaneous, ornamented to the point of interest but not to where it can sometimes venture into territory that is aurally cluttering." -- Tony Lawless Button Accordion

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David Munnelly and Mick Conneely - 'Tis What It Is

Old music in the old style, newly recorded, for a timeless album. With David Munnelly on button accordion and Mick Conneely on fiddle and a few guests. Button Accordion

Happy Hour

Donal Murphy - Happy Hour

The 2009 release from Four Men & A Dog's button accordion player. Traditional Irish accordion music from the southwest of Ireland, with rousing reels, foot tapping polkas & one haunting air. Button Accordion

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NicGaviskey - Home Away from Home

Young Irish traditional players unite for a set of 15 tunes, including "Old Maude Miller's", "The Fair Haired Boy," "Dances at Kinvara," "Scattery Island," and more reels and jigs. NicGaviskey consists of Sean Gavin on flute, Bernadette Nic Gabhann on fiddle, Caitlin Nic Gabhann on concertina, and Sean McComiskey on accordion. Anglo Concertina, Button Accordion


Caitlín nic Gabhann - Caitlín

The solid, elegant debut solo album from NicGavisky's concertina player. Features traditional and new tunes, guitar accompaniment by Caoimhín Ó Fearghail, and a few tracks with Caitlín's step-dancing. Anglo Concertina


Caitlín & Ciarán

"Irish fiddle, concertina and dance music played by two musicians at the top of their game. From fast and furious reels to airs that tug at the heartstrings to marches into battle, this CD by Caitlín Nic Gabhann & Ciarán Ó Maonaigh covers the wide breadth of Irish traditional music." With Sean Óg Graham, Caoimhín Ó Fearghaíl, and Jack Talty. -- Claddagh Records Anglo concertina


Paddy O'Brien, Nathan Gourley, & Dáithí Sproule - Bright and Early

"This is a sprightly album featuring two stalwarts of traditional music and one of New York’s best up and coming fiddlers...On this recording, defined arrangements have been jettisoned in favour of an older approach whereby all three musicians play all the music, all the time. This is somewhat rare these days and results in a very balanced and even sound throughout." Paddy O'Brien, Nathan Gourley, and Dáithí Sproule. -- Tony Lawless Button accordion


Danny O'Mahony - In Retrospect

"[Danny's] playing style is open-hearted, abundant in personality and shot through with a raw-boned honesty that comes from years of swapping tunes in sessions, snugs and summer schools. Cyril O'Donoghue's bouzouki accompaniment is subtle and seamless, affording O'Mahony the latitude to inhabit his carefully chosen repertoire with freewheeling agility. ... 'In Retrospect' is dance music for dancer and armchair listener alike." -- Siobhán Long Button Accordion


Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh & Danny O'Mahoney - As It Happened

Danny and Mícheál got together in Meath with Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh recording and they played together, as friends do who respect each other and each other's style and the result is a recording of unmitigated, simple perfection, music which is not note for note but which exudes a soulful, raw communication between two great musicians. -- Claddagh. Anglo Concertina, Button Accordion

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Micheál Ó Raghallaigh - Inside Out

The second album from the man who made a triumphant debut in 2002 with 'The Nervous Man'. This one is every bit as good as his first, an accomplishment that is worthy of note, given its predecessor's astonishing mix of technical perfection, sheer good taste and exuberant artistry of the highest order. Accompaniment is by Michael Rooney, by now almost as ubiquitous as John Blake, Eoghan O'Brien and Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill. No home should be without one. -- Claddagh. Anglo Concertina

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Micheál Ó Raghallaigh - The Nervous Man

Micheál Ó Raghallaigh's debut solo CD, with accompaniments on harp guitar and bodhran. Micheál's concertina playing achieves a great balance of traditional sound and personal expression. Recording includes some great classics and some lesser known tunes, including Paddy O'Brien's composition after which the album was named. Anglo Concertina


Micheál Ó Raghallaigh, Catherine McEvoy, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh - Comb Your Hair and Curl It

Three greats of the trad world come together for the first time to record this stunning new album . . . . They don't come much better than this. -- Claddagh. Anglo Concertina


Jason O'Rourke - The Northern Concertina

The Northern Concertina is the new solo recording by Jason O’Rourke, and it arrives some 15 years after his debut. Undertaking this new solo project required him to take stock of where he was with his music, and to reflect on his journey and influences over the years. Jason O'Rourke: C/G and Bb/F concertinas by Jeffries. eresa Clarke: fiddle and piano. Tim Edey: nylon-string and steel-string guitars, high-strung guitar. Seonaid Murray: tenor saxophone. Stevie Dunne: steel-string guitar, high-strung guitar. --Claddagh Records Anglo concertina


Jimmy O'Sullivan - Premier Sound

"One of Tipperary's legendary traditional musicians, ace accordionist Jimmy O'Sullivan of Castleiney, has launched his 2nd CD, 'Premier Sound.'" With John Gorman on piano. --Claddagh Records Button accordion


Dan Possumato & Friends - Tunes Inside

"Recorded in Ireland and the USA. Dan is joined by 16 accomplished Irish traditional musicians to include Kevin Burke, Brian McGrath, Julie Langan, Teresa Baker, Frances Cunningham and Eliot Grasso. A delightful mix of old favorites, rarely heard tunes, and a few new compositions are all here! Guest musician Mick Mulcrone sings two time-tested songs, one of revenge and another about the hard lives of 19th century sailors." -- his website Melodeon, Button Accordion


The Press Gang - Fortune It May Smile

Their first CD in their quartet format. Christian "Junior" Stevens (button accordion, anglo concertina), Alden Robinson (fiddle), Owen Marshall (guitar, bouzouki, harmonium) and Hanz Araki (flute, vocals). Anglo concertina, button accordion


The Press Gang - The Happy Days of Youth

Christian "Junior" Stevens (button accordion, anglo concertina), Alden Robinson (fiddle), and Owen Marshall (guitar, bouzouki) are at it again, with fresh and adventurous New England interpretations of Irish traditional music. With Hanz Araki and Jeremiah McLane. Anglo concertina, button accordion


Ré - Ré

Liam Ó Maonlaí says, "Michael Keegan-Dolan and I dreamt of a piece of theatre that would honour our cultural heritage. In that dreaming, we aligned our creative impulses with those of Seán Ó Riada’s. Eight contemporary dancers ... and four musicians ... joined us. ... the band talked about the idea of making a record. Five stories find their way into a disc - a set of songs and tunes gathered from our collective memory. ... We took ourselves to St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church and invested our energy and stories into the recording you are hearing..." With Peter O'Toole, Eithne Ní Chatháin, Cormac Begley, and Maitiu Ó Casaide. Anglo concertinas


Sharon Shannon, Mike McGoldrick, Dezi Donnelly, & Jim Murray - Renegade

Mostly new material, played as a heady mix of traditional Irish with hip-hop beats, ragga, jazz and world inflections. Button accordion

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Jack Talty - In Flow

Debut solo album by Clare concertina player, Jack Talty. Featuring John Blake on Guitar & Ruairí McGorman on Bouzouki. Anglo concertina


English / Scottish

Alistair Anderson - Concertina Workshop

This classic 1974 Topic LP has been reissued. The English concertina master Anderson is joined by guests Dave and Tich Richardson, Graham Pirt and, Geoff Harris. Companion CD to the tutor of the same name. English Concertina

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Blowzabella - Strange News

A new album from the legendary band! "The album was recorded in England and France and showcases their talent for writing great tunes while putting their inimitable slant on four traditional English folk songs. It's partly a return to their roots as a band in love with playing dance tunes on folk and drone instruments - and partly it looks towards a more sophisticated approach to interpreting traditional folk music." --Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK Button Accordion


Richard Carlin - The English Concertina

Recordings of historic players dating from 1975. Includes tracks by the Fayre Four Sisters, Wilfred Pearce and Reuben Shaw, Alf Edwards, Harry Crabb, Gregory Matusewitch, Henry Minting, and Richard Carlin. English Concertina


Richard Carlin - In Come a Bumblebee

A collection of classic English concertina tunes played by Richard Carlin with Grey Larsen, Evan Stein, Dana Loomis, and Laura Fishleder on accompanying instruments. English Concertina


Richard Carlin - The Poppy Leaf: English Concertina Tunes

English concertina tunes played by Richard Carlin with piano accompaniment by Richard Kassel. English Concertina


Liz Giddings & Roger Digby - The Passing Moment

"Versatility in repertoire and style, also, is a clear hallmark of this inspired coupling. You will find herein well researched English, Celtic and Newfoundland tunes all played as they should be played but all with that characteristic lift that runs through their music like the message through a stick of Blackpool rock!" -- Keith Kendrick Anglo Concertina, Button Accordion

$24 $19.20

Hardcore English - Compiled and edited by Barry Callaghan

This double CD contains thirty-two tracks of tunes played by various ceilidh bands, including The Old Swan Band, The Bismarcks, Geckoes, Florida and Pete Coe.

Marches and Tunes

Hawkwood Concertina Band - Marches & Tunes

In April 2009, twenty-four musicians gathered at Hawkwood College in the Cotswolds to record this wide-ranging selection of music arranged for the treble, baritone, and bass concertinas. It encompasses Victorian and Edwardian favorites, early consort music, classics, dance tunes, marches, and a modern composition. Conducted by Dave Townsend and Steve Ellis. English Concertina


Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham — Well Dressed

"...there is enough musical suavity and elegant vocal tailoring on here to suit any dedicated follower of folk. ... [Keith and Sylvia are each] equipped with a concertina, a solid, strong voice full of character and an infectious joy for traditional song. Their admirable keep-it-simple approach leads to deceptively rich textures of sound ... True to the duo’s roots, Derbyshire features strongly as the originating point or subject of many of the songs on here. — Clare Button, Living Tradition English concertina, Maccann duet concertina


William Kimber - Absolutely Classic: The Music of William Kimber

This enhanced CD celebrates William Kimber's music, with recordings of his playing made between 1935 and his death in 1961. Also includes archival film and his reminiscences, which all reveal him to be a strong, rhythmic and vigorous musician, as well as a good story-teller. This musical legacy can also be heard on the CD in the playing of John Kirkpatrick and the current Headington Quarry Morris musician John Graham. Anglo Concertina


Ollie King - Gambit

"Ollie King is a young melodeon player who has been making waves on the folk scene for a while now. His first album Gambit presents us with eleven fine examples of his work. The tracks selected are a mix of instrumental and vocal with of course the squeezebox being to the forefront. ... Ollie has arranged the track listing nicely so each one gives you something new and different to enjoy. A promising debut from a talented young man." -- Paul Rawcliffe, bright young folk. Button accordion

$19 $15.20

John Kirkpatrick - Orlando's Return: 53 English Traditional Tunes

Tunes from Garrick's Delight and Orlando's Return can be found in the book John Kirkpatrick's English Choice. Button Accordion, Anglo Concertina


Leveret - New Anything

"Leveret combines the talents of Andy Cutting (melodeon), Rob Harbron (English concertina) and Sam Sweeney (fiddle) who play both traditional and self-written tunes to stunning effect. ... There’s an element of spontaneity throughout this album. ... New Anything is a remarkable achievement. It is the technical mastery of Messrs. Cutting, Harbron and Sweeney combined with a sensitivity and empathy for each other’s playing that makes this CD such a joy to listen to." -- Stephen Witkowski, bright young folk. Button accordion, English concertina


Leveret - In the Round

[Leveret's] second album comes exactly a year since their debut. ...The decision was made to record a new set there and then [on tour]; live and literally in the round. ‘In The Round’ finds Leveret taking another small step in their mission in rediscovering and reintroducing music from the archive but played in a fresh contemporary setting. Not satisfied with simply playing the tunes, they garnish them with twists and turns which add their own originality and personality to the sound. ... It’s three musicians totally locking into what you’d like to call a groove and that sense of togetherness. --Mike Ainscoe, Louder than War Button accordion, English Concertina


Leveret - Inventions

Andy Cutting, Rob Harbron and Sam Sweeney return with their third album, a collection of instrumental music composed entirely by the trio. Button accordion, English concertina

Nowell, Nowell, Nowell!

Nowell Sing We Clear - Nowell, Nowell, Nowell!

A collection of 16 songs to supplement their earlier Best of Nowell Sing We Clear. Anglo Concertina


Nowell Sing We Clear - Bidding You Joy

Their newest release! Features their usual mix of traditional English carols and contemporary compositions. Vocal harmonies with instrumental accompaniment. Anglo Concertina, Button Accordion, English concertina, piano accordion


Brian Peters - Anglophilia

Brian Peters is from the English tradition of Anglo playing and covers several country dance and morris tunes. This eclectic collection also includes ragtime, folk song, music hall, a Beatles song, and original airs. "Superb release": fRoots. "Brian throughout this CD shows his ability with the Anglo and its content is interesting, with variety of music, changes of styles and absolutely superb arrangements.... It is players like Brian who are pushing Anglo playing forward.... All in all outstanding playing and content, my suggestion would be to buy it." - Alan Day, Anglo International. Anglo Concertina


Brian Peters - Squeezebox, voicebox

"The focus returns to those squeezy things, with melodeon (9 tracks) and anglo concertina (6 tracks) featured on a roughly equal mixture of song accompaniments and instrumentals. Emphasis is very much on the English tradition, with many classic songs and plenty of dance tunes, plus Brian’s setting of a bitter industrial ballad, two original compositions, and a four-part Scott Joplin rag. Sarah Matthews returns to play fiddle, and Margaret Peters contributes several vocal harmonies." --Brian's website Anglo concertina, button accordion


The Pigeon on the Gate

This two-disc collection features melodeon players from all over East Anglia, playing a typical selection of polkas, schottisches, jigs, waltzes and stepdance hornpipes. These are field recordings made in quiet kitchens and noisy pubs where you might hear a stepdancer making good use of this music, particularly when the tune being played is the steppers' favourite, known in Norfolk as The Yarmouth Hornpipe and in Suffolks as The Pigeon on the Gate. --Veteran Button Accordion


The Rice Family - Merrymaking: Mouthorgan, Concertina & Accordion Music from Chagford, Devon

Fifty years ago the pubs of the small remote Dartmoor town of Chagford would regularly ring to the sound of mouthorgan, concertina and accordion music or the rattle of a stepdance board. On carnival day the streets would be filled by revellers following the music and drums of the Merrymakers band. At the centre of this music making were two cousins, Jack and Les Rice. Their tradition lives on in the hands of Jack's grandson, Jason, who has now teamed up with Mark Bazeley, grandson of the other Dartmoor musical legend Bob Cann. A living tradition and long may their dynasties survive! -- Veteran Records. Most of the tracks on this CD are of Jack and Les, recorded in the 1980s; the remainder feature Jason. Anglo Concertina, Button Accordion, Piano Accordion

$22 $13.20

The Liam Robinson Dance Band - Welcome Here Again: Traditional Dance Music from Lincolnshire

Many of the tunes on this CD are 200 or more years old and are as good today as they were then. The surviving tune manuscripts show that dance melodies have floated in the country's air for a long time. During my lifetime the music has been carried by a number of working bands, taking music and dance to communities, weddings and parties every weekend. Stalwarts like The Broadside, Higgledy Piggledy, The Old Parrot Band, and Stubble Jumpers to name but a few have continued to keep the music and dance in popular circulation. Playing for dances in the village halls of Lincolnshire has been one of my happiest experiences and I'm proud to follow in the footsteps of all who have gone before me. --Liam Robinson Button Accordion, Anglo Concertina

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Dave Townsend - English Dance Music Vol. 1

Accompanies Dave Townsend's books of the same name. This two-CD set contains all the tunes in Volume 1. The tunes are grouped into sets, mostly in the same order as the book. They are played as they appear in the book, apart from a few stylistic variations. English Concertina & Button Accordion

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New Road to Alston

Dave Townsend and Gill Redmond- New Road to Alston

Dave Townsend's newest album, with Gill Redmond on cello. Primarily instrumental tracks, with a few songs. English Concertina

Portrait of a Concertina

Dave Townsend - Portrait of a Concertina

This album from 1985 has been re-released by Saydisc. English concertina player Dave Townsend is joined on a number of tracks by Spanish guitarist Nick Hooper in a selection from Bach to 'standards' as well as a good measure of folk tunes. English Concertina


Various - Banquet of Boxes: A Celebration of the English Melodeon

A new compilation showcasing several fabulous English melodeon players. Features Nick Cooke, John Spiers, Dan & Matt Quinn, Saul Rose, Mark Bazeley, Ed Rennie, Simon Bannister, Katie Howson, Andy Cutting, Simon Care, Simon Ritchie, and John Kirkpatrick. Button Accordion


Various - Boxing Clever: A Concertina Compilation

A collection of tunes and the occasional song featuring John Kirkpatrick, Tim Laycock, Dick Miles, and Harry Scurfield. They perform a varied selection of material including traditional, popular tunes, jazz tunes, originals, military marches, a music hall song, a couple of blues and more. Anglo Concertina, Duet Concertina, English Concertina



Francine Desjardins - Tout Simplement

Traditional accordion music from Québec. With Rachel Aucoin and André Desjardins. From 2016. Button accordion


Léo Doiron - Un Souvenir

Diatonic accordion music of Québec. With accompaniment from Rachel Aucoin on piano. From 2013. Button accordion


Domino - 20th Anniversary Edition

Original and traditional tunes for Québecois dances and American contradances. Remastered, including a track unpublished in 1998. With Sabin Jacques, Richard Forest, Réjean Brunet and Luc Laroche. Button accordion


Domino - Pris au jeu

The group's 2003 release. Sabin Jacques, Rachel Aucoin, and Richard Forest play driving Québecois tunes together. Button accordion


Entourloupe - Épilogue

The group's 2005 recording. Features Stéphane Landry on accordion. Button Accordion


Dorothée Hogan - La Grande Ronde

Anthology of traditional music from Québec. With Pierre Chartrand, Michel Donato, Richard Forest, Gilles Garand, Dorothée Hogan, Sabin Jacques, Charles Johnson, Gabriel Labbé, Christian Laurence, Violaine Poudrier, and Laura Risk. From 2003. Button accordion


John J. Kimmel - Un heritage fabuleux

With Raynald Ouellet, Christian Maes, and Denis Pépin. This double album pays tribute to the musical works of John J. Kimmel. These 34 tracks paint a portrait of the diversity of his repertoire and recalls the unique style of this master of the button accordion. Button Accordion


Stephane Landry, Laurie Hart, et al. - Danse ce Soir!

25 traditional tunes of Québec, to accompany the book of the same title. Button Accordion


Stéphane Landry - Transition

Stéphane Landry is known as one of the great masters of the button accordion in Québec. His style is upbeat and lively with a powerful driving rhythm. Button Accordion

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Réjean Lizotte - L’ultime Album

Original compositions of Réjean Lizotte. With Rachel Aucoin, Normand Legault and Claudine Arcand. From 2017. Button accordion


Gaston Nolet joue... Alfred Montmarquette

A tribute to famed Montreal accordionist Alfred Montmarquette. Traditional music of Québec with Francine Cataford Grenier, Son époux Gilles, Luc Lavallée, François Lord, Serge Mathon, and Marie-Claude Breault. Button accordion


Gaston Nolet - Mes Coups de Cœur

With Benoit Legault, Sébastien Deshaies, William Lévesque, and Serge Mathon. Button accordion


Raz de Marée / Tidal Wave - Raz de Marée

Although grounded in traditional Québec rhythms and melodies, this music is innovative and refreshing. Tidal Wave, or Raz-de-Marée, with its cross-border personnel, proves that music transcends national boundaries and brings people together. Featuring Sabin Jacques, Rachel Aucoin, and Stuart Kenney. Button accordion

The companion book can be found on our Tune Books page.


Raz de Marée / Tidal Wave - Marche du St-Laurent

The band's 2010 release. Tidal wave, or raz-de-marée, with its cross-border personnel from Québec and New England, invites cultures to meet and share the love of traditional music and dance. Since 2003, Tidal Wave has evolved as a dance band, carrying through time the most relevant aspect of Québec traditional, instrumental music: playing for live dancing. In that sense they are not reflecting the past but writing the book of a strong, living current. Button Accordion

The companion book can be found on our Tune Books page.


Réjean Simard - Mes Compositions Vol. 1

Réjean Simard hails from Baie-Comeau, in the Côte-Nord region of Québec. He has gained a reputation as a musician, an instrument builder, and a composer, and this CD is testimony to his abilities. Button accordion


Éric St-Pierre - Éric St-Pierre

Traditional Québécois accordion music. Button accordion


Various artists - Accordéonistes du Québec: Dans tous les cantons

This compilation album contains 24 tracks of new and traditional tunes played by a great selection of Québécois button accordionists. Features Martin Beaulieu, Michel Béchard, André Bouchard, Carol Gadreau, Yves Hélie, Stéphane Landry, Susie Lemay, Gaston Nolet, Antonine Paradis, Denis Pépin, Frank Sears, and Éric St.-Pierre. Button accordion

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Sea Songs

Lou Killen, Jeff Warner, et al. - Steady As She Goes

Songs and Chanties From The Days Of Commercial Sail. English Concertina


John Roberts - Sea Fever

Roberts' long-awaited solo album. English & Anglo Concertina


Various - Short Sharp Shanties, Vol. 1

This is the first of three CDs which record the repertoire of John Short - a.k.a. Yankee Jack - of Watchet, Somerset in England's West Country, who, in 1914, gave the folk-song collector Cecil Sharp nearly sixty shanties, several in early rare versions. John spent over fifty years working in sailing boats, much of his younger days in deep-water ships, sailing all around the world as a shantyman. This is primarily a vocal recording, but there is a substantial amount of concertina backup. English and Anglo Concertinas


Various - Short Sharp Shanties, Vol. 2

This is the second of three CDs which record the repertoire of John Short. This is primarily a vocal recording, but there is a substantial amount of concertina backup. English and Anglo Concertinas


Various - Short Sharp Shanties, Vol. 3

This is the third of three CDs which record the repertoire of John Short. This is primarily a vocal recording, but there is a substantial amount of concertina backup. English and Anglo Concertinas


Bob Webb - From Salthouse Dock

This much-in-demand 1995 cassette recording of traditional shanties and sailors' songs, is now available for the first time on CD. There are twenty-two tracks, including 19 traditional songs and three contemporary songs of the sea. Three tracks not on the cassette are included, and all tracks have been digitally remastered from the original session. Vocal and instrumental backing are provided by the legendary Liverpool shanty group Stormalong John, plus "Shanty Jack" of Hull, England. Includes unaccompanied singing and accompaniments on concertinas, accordion, bones, and gut-string five-string banjo.


Ye Mariners All- Songs of the Sea

"Our group was originally formed as an impromptu trio to fill an extra performance slot at the Salem Maritime Festival. Adding John Roberts' solo to the local duo of John Rockwell and Larry Young, we discovered in serendipitous fashion that we enjoyed playing music together as a threesome. Occasionally at first, but now on a more regular basis, we sing and play the music of the sea with a spiritual home port of Salem, Massachusetts. Inevitably, the idea of a recording came up, so here it is. Some well known songs and chanteys, a few not so well known, some familiar songs in less-common versions, and even a few from the French tradition. Sea fare, homestyle, maybe a few lumps in the sauce, but hopefully just the right amount of salt. We hope you like it." Anglo Concertina


Contra Dance: Featuring "Squeezers"

Rachel Bell - Tone Chamber

Rachel Bell and her musical companions will be familiar to just about everyone in the contra dance world. On this recording they apply their talents to a beautifully played diverse repertoire. With Karen Axelrod, Dana Billings, Susan Kevra, Eileen Nicholson, Julie Vallimont, Andrew Van Norstrand, and Noah Van Norstrand. Piano Accordion


Susan Conger and Friends - Along the River

Companion CD to the popular New England tune book, which can be found on our Tune Books page.

Cool Tunes for Hot Dances

Jody Kruskal - Cool Tunes for Hot Dances

18 original dance tunes played solo on Anglo concertina by composer Jody Kruskal. Music for contra, square, couple, céilí, and Morris dancers. The companion book can be found on our Tune Books page. Anglo Concertina

Waiting for the Boatsman

Jody Kruskal & Luke Richardson - Waiting for the Boatsman

Although this recording of Brooklyn concertina player Jody Kruskal and Tennessee fiddler Luke Richardson is old-time rather than typical contra dance music, it is infectiously lively and eminently danceable. Anglo Concertina


Paul Friedman & Jody Kruskal - Paul & Jody

Paul and Jody have been playing for contra dances in New York City for years. Their dance rhythms infect the tunes and songs on this CD, including old-time and country classics from North America. Heart songs and hokum, by turns, silly, sweet, and serious. Jody sings the songs and has a distinctly American sound on the concertina, with rich harmony and melodic counterpoint while pumping out rhythms with the bellows. Paul is deep in the traditions of old-time rhythmic fiddling. Anglo Concertina


Raz de Marée / Tidal Wave- Raz de Marée

Although grounded in traditional Québec rhythms and melodies, this music is innovative and refreshing. Tidal Wave, or Raz-de-Marée, with its cross-border personnel, proves that music transcends national boundaries and brings people together. Featuring Sabin Jacques, Rachel Aucoin, and Stuart Kenney. Button accordion

The companion book can be found on our Tune Books page.


Raz de Marée / Tidal Wave - Marche du St-Laurent

The band's 2010 release. Tidal wave, or raz-de-marée, with its cross-border personnel from Québec and New England, invites cultures to meet and share the love of traditional music and dance. Since 2003, Tidal Wave has evolved as a dance band, carrying through time the most relevant aspect of Québec traditional, instrumental music: playing for live dancing. In that sense they are not reflecting the past but writing the book of a strong, living current. Button Accordion

The companion book can be found on our Tune Books page.


Susan Songer, George Penk, Clyde Curley - A Portland Selection

Companion to the Portland Collection book


Susan Songer, George Penk, Clyde Curley - A Portland Selection 2

36 tunes from the Portland Collection 2 book. Musicians are George Penk, fiddle; Clyde Curley, mandolin, octave mandolin, 4-string banjo; Susan Songer, piano.


A Portland Play Along Selection - Betsy Branch, Clyde Curley & Susan Songer

A two-disc companion to Portland Collection Books 1 & 2, conceptualized and engineered specifically for learning tunes. Each tune is individually tracked and you can pan right for melody only and pan left for back up only. Tunes are played at moderate tempo, except for the first and last medleys on both discs, which are played at dance speed with harmonies and variations. There is no duplication of tunes from the two previous Portland Selection CDs.


Wild Asparagus - Live at the Guiding Star Grange

Dance Music recorded live at the Grange over two nights on the first weekend of December 2008. No calls, just the music.. English Concertina

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Everything Else

Squeeze-In CD

2008 Northeast Squeeze-In Talent Show

A recording of the 2008 concert from the Button Box's annual Northeast Squeeze-In. Includes performances from Jody Kruskal, Rachel Hall, Ken Sweeney, and many others.

Beausoleil CD

Beausoleil - Allons a Lafayette & More

Over 60 minutes of Cajun music with Michael Doucet and special guest Canray Fontenot. Cajun accordion


Bellows & Bows: Historic Recordings of Traditional Fiddle & Accordion Music from across Canada

55 fiddlers and 22 accordion players from every province and region of Canada demonstrate a diversity of styles: Scottish, French, Irish; First Nations, Métis, Inuit; Ukrainian, Norwegian, Polish. The 64 tracks include early radio and television broadcasts as well as archival and out-of-print recordings. Accompanying booklet provides background and photographs. 2CD set 156 pages.


Various - English International

This 3CD set is the second in a series of albums featuring superb concertina playing. This compilation shows the range of styles possible on the instrument and mirrors a time-line of the instrument's history from some of the earliest known recordings of all-time great English concertina players, through classical, Music Hall and Vaudeville, Concertina Bands, and right up to the modern day performers who have largely come through the folk music revival of the second half of the 20th century. English Concertina


Various - Anglo International

This is a collection of some of the best Anglo Concertina players from around the world. For more information on the lineup, see the Anglo International homepage. Anglo Concertina


Various - Anglo International & English International sale

Buy Anglo International & English International together and get a 10% discount.


Julie & Gavin Aktin - Sentimental Journey

Julie's sweet singing of Tin Pan Alley songs and other old favorites is complemented nicely by Gavin's tasteful accompaniment on Jeffries duet concertina and melodeon. Includes "Ain't Misbehavin'," "Two Sleepy People," "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree," and more. Duet Concertina, Button Accordion

$24 $12
Song of Remembrance

Guy Klucevsek - Song of Remembrance

Composer/accordionist Guy Klucevsek is one of the few musicians around who is as comfortable working with Laurie Anderson, John Zorn or Bang on a Can as he is at Lincoln Center, in a Broadway pit or at Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. His second CD for Tzadik presents four beautiful new works and includes a concert piece for two pianos, an intimate solo for accordion dedicated to György Ligeti and two charming chamber pieces for voice and ensemble. --Tzadik Piano Accordion

$15.98 $7.99

Jody Kruskal - Poor Little Liza Jane

The roots of old-time American country music reach back to the early days of the concertina, and the Anglo's rhythm and inflection fit that music well. The antique voice of the Anglo playing this vibrant old-time musical tradition still sounds fresh and new. Anglo Concertina


Jody Kruskal - "Sing to me, concertina boy"

Jody's newest - a lively collection of mostly vintage songs, with a couple of new compositions thrown in for good measure. There are also a few instrumental tracks. Anglo Concertina


Jody Kruskal - Concertina Valentine

Jody says, "Choice stories of passion from the giddy to the glorious, featuring an eccentric collection of humorous characters - earnest lovers, self-satisfied gloaters, punsters, dreamers, wimps, heroes, and cads in this happy selection of saucy songs from times gone by." Primarily a vocal recording, but lots of juicy concertina solos (and well-chosen use of occasional other instrumentation) within. Anglo concertina


Sy Kushner - Arise!

New Jewish music by Sy Kushner. Influences range from Chassidic and Israeli to Irish and avant-garde. Piano Accordion

$15 $7

Sy Kushner - Journeys

This is the second album of original works by Sy Kushner. Influences range from rock in "A is C" to both klezmer and Israeli folk dance in "Back to A." Piano Accordion

$15 $7

Jeremiah McLane - Freetown

Original compositions influenced by the music of West Africa, France, Québec, and Scandinavia. Piano Accordion

$16 $8

Jeremiah McLane - The Grinding Stone

Jeremiah's newest recording. 12 tracks including slow and fast reels, jigs, waltzes, marches, two pieces in 5/4, and one slow air; all but two tunes are original. With Owen Marshall on bouzouki and guitar, Corey DiMario on bass, and Anna Patton on clarinet. --his website Piano accordion

La Marquise

Milann & Laloy - La Marquise

Original compositions from Belgium. Diatonic accordion, guitar, bass, vocals, drums.

$19 $9.50

Danny Spooner - Brave Bold Boys

People have always created heroes. Sometimes they are figments of our imaginations, sometimes honourable souls deserving of praise. Often they are class heroes like the bushranger, or the poacher who was seen to be standing up for the rights of ordinary people against an oppressive authority. It might be a great warrior, sporting idol or the defender of an ideal. Whatever the case, the folksong tradition has a record of that person's place in the minds of the people. This CD is a small reminder of how important heroes are to us all. We can all recall a role model or someone we wanted to emulate. In this instance they are Brave bold boys (it would be just as easy to record a female equivalent), and songs, all long time friends of mine, which will, I hope, give your imagination a chance to wander. --Danny Spooner. English Concertina

The all weathers country

Turlu Tursu - The all weathers country

The trio's third recording. Music from a range of traditions played on accordion, bansuri, melodica, drums, bass, & baritone guitar. Piano Accordion

$19 $9.50

Karen Tweed - Essentially Invisible to the Eye

This is Karen Tweed's debut solo album. Containg five sets, it features a combination of Tweed's own compositions, some traditional tunes, and a few other compositions. Her nuanced and rich playing is not to be missed. Piano Accordion

$19 $15.20
Long Time Travelling

Jeff Warner - Long Time Travelling

Jeff says, "My association with the old songs goes back a long way. My father had me up on stage with him, singing "The Old Chisholm Trail," when I was eight. I got taken along (of necessity) as a boy on some of their later song collecting trips to the mountains and seacoast of North Carolina and the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I'm glad I got to meet rural people for whom traditional song was their main - sometimes only - music.Some of the songs on this album are from those people I met, and got to know better through the recordings they made for my parents. All the others are out of oral tradition, although a couple of them were composed by known authors and then absorbed into the folk. I'm happy to pass them on." Although primarily a vocal recording, there is a substantial amount of concertina backup. Anglo and English concertinas

In Any Weather

Owen Woods - In Any Weather

"Out of the 13 tracks, there are 17 tunes, including some from England, Scotland, Quebec, Norway, Sweden and the USA. There are traditional tunes, recently penned tunes, tunes from the classical tradition, and interpretations of recently written works outside the folk sphere." --Owen Woods Button Accordion